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Telephone Directory

For GST Registration Related Issues, Please Contact.

Section Name Contact Number
Central Processing Cell (Registration) 079-26303418
Shri Puneet Gunawat, Deputy Commissioner (CPC-Registration) 079-26307587
GST Seva Kendra (GST Helpline) 079-26301076
CHANDRAKANT R. VALVI, Pr. Commissioner 079-26306152
Shri Amit Kumar Mishra, Additional Commissioner 079-26309083
Shri Rakesh Kumar Jain, Additional Commissioner 079-26307789
Shri Shravan Ram, Joint Commissioner 079-299115
Shri Satyaveer Singh, DC (Prosecution,CAT,O&M,L&B) 079-26300959
Shri H.K. Bhagia, AC (P&E,VIG,CONF,TECH,STATS,ADMN) 079-26300540
Shri. Nair Sylesh Madhavan, AC (O&A,RRA/Advance Ruling,SVLDRS,Sevottam,GST Helpline,RTI,CRU,System,Refund Nodal Officer) -
Ms. Meeta Upadhyay, AC.Div-I 079-26300540
Shri J D Mehra, AC.Div-II 079-26308251
Ms. Renuka Chaudhary, AC.Div-III & Audit/PAC/Other CAG Matter -
Ms. Bindu Yadav Rohatgi, AC.DIV-IV & Legal/DLC/PROSECUTION 079-26300959
Shri Bhupendra A Parmar, AC.DIV-V -
Shri Paras Mani Tripathi, DC.DIV-VI 079-26775400
Ms. Tekwani Neena Deepak, AC.DIV-VII 079-26775430
Shri Paras Mani Tripathi, DC.DIV-VIII 079-26775419